It’s been seven years since you first met Michael 24, Avery 20, and Nadia Cole 17, on the reality show America’s Got Talent taking 5th place. The overwhelming response of love and admiration proved their appeal as reality show material. Years of grooming in performance, voice, stage presence, costuming and the natural evolution of maturity have created a dynamo trio of song, sass and entertainment substance.

Three young children lost the nurturing care of their loving, talented, inspiring mother one summer night while they were safely sleeping in their cozy beds. True to her character, their mother was meeting yet another goal in her education, taking her away from their home. Nearly losing her life due to a tragic auto accident, this resilient, resourceful family made lemonade out of the lemons. With the help of their devoted dad, these spunky kids turned the nurturing around to love their mother back to life. Michael, Avery and Nadia sang at their comatose mother’s bedside for eight long months. Their loyalty and persistence not only helped bring mom, Felicia back, but in the process, revealed their musical talent to local admirers. Then with regional and national exposure, they reached unprecedented popularity. From anonymity to All Stars, this nifty little trio found themselves on a fast track to success.

The Voices of Glory are completing their fourth year as favorite entertainers performing their award winning self-choreographed live show, AYO, in the “Live Music Capital of the World”—Branson, Missouri, before tens of thousands. Their talent has been recognized in a variety of venues including performing in the Andy Williams show, being nominated for a CMA Award, having performed at the Dove Awards, were presented with the prestigious national Southern Gospel award for Favorite Uprising Performers, entertained at Madison Square Garden and the Kansas City Royals half time shows in 2015, 2016, awarded Best Branson Morning Show-2015 and Best Branson Vocal Group 2016 the beat goes on as the virtuosity of the Voices of Glory spreads across the nation.

The Voices of Glory story has already been penned in their heart-warming, tear-jerking book, “Higher Than Me-The Story of the Voices of Glory”. The fans can’t get enough of the Voices of Glory and find in their book a satisfying glimpse into their family history, dynamics, hopes and dreams. Read the book, check in with them on Facebook and watch their schedule for a venue near you in 2016! Do you want to do be on TV again is an often heard question from the Q & A portion of their live show by hopeful fans.

This is the stuff dreams are made of. It’s back to the future as they are spreading their wings, booking performances at exciting new venues in New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida–across the country and around the world. VOG is in demand in Germany, Singapore, Haiti and Africa–wherever they have traveled. Watch for their next big announcement as Higher Than Me, The Story of the Voices of Glory screen play development is in process at this writing. Wouldn’t it be great to watch their story and see them perform on the big screen!

It isn’t just their harmonizing voices, or their individual talents bringing an old favorite to a whole new level, or even writing and performing their own lyrics and music. It isn’t just the beautiful costumes that flash across the stage in their lively dance numbers. It is something more. It is their sincerity that shines through. It is their character that radiates on their faces. It is their excitement to be in front of an admiring audience that never grows old for them. It is their energetic family dynamic that is demonstrated impromptu in their on-stage playfulness- learned at home through the wit and humor of parents, Mike and Felicia. It is the goodness and hope that is so obvious in these young performers who have the ability to bounce you sentimentally back to your own teenage years with oldies favorites, pull on your patriotic heart strings with God Bless America, their premiere number on AGT, put you on your knees spiritually with wonderful old hymns, then send you racing forward with their rendition of a selection from the current top ten. It is Michael’s ability to draw you into the song with him. It is Avery’s sweet charm and charisma that keeps drawing you back to his always smiling face. It is Nadia’s amazing young voice illuminating her assurance that she was born to be a singer whether executing a tribute to a favorite artist or to her Creator. “I just can’t get enough,” and “I don’t want it to be over,” are common sayings at the end of each fast moving Ayo show.