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Voices of Glory Drops New Single

Posted By on October 30, 2016 in News |

Voices of Glory Drops New Single

Michael, from left, Nadia and Avery Cole, also known as the Voices of Glory, released their first national single, “Without a Doubt,” Friday.

“Without a Doubt” was written by Voices of Glory members Michael, Avery and Nadia Cole, along with award-winning writer Preston Glass, is slated to be the first of several songs the group will release throughout the next few months. For their debut single, the group and their management team opted to release the ballad, which features Nadia, who turned 17 Wednesday, on lead vocals.

“As a young group, we’re still searching for our sound,” she said. “Something new, but old at the same time because we love so many different artists. It seems like a lot of people now are looking for a big band sound, or something smooth like a Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass or the Temptations kind of feel.

“So we told the producers we wanted something new and inspiring, but also something that reaches everyone.”

The Voices of Glory have been working toward the goal of breaking into the music business for nearly a decade, singing together for the first time in 2007 after their mother, Felicia, was in a head-on car collision with a drunken driver. The group began performing at nursing homes and on other floors in the hospital and shortly after their mother emerged from her coma, they were picked to perform on “America’s Got Talent,” where they became Top 5 finalists.

While the show definitely served as a launching pad for the group, they made it a point to continue to grow as artists and entertainers, searching for their own voices.

“It’s like ‘America’s Got Talent,’ that was great, and we had a lot of success from that,” Avery Cole said. “Now it’s all about what we have to give, what we can do, and not what we’ve already done.”

Last year, the group signed with former Boys II Men producer Qadree El-Amin, CEO and founder of South Paw Entertainment in Beverly Hills, as well as with producer Luther “Mano” Hanes with Riverphlo Entertainment. With a team in place, they began to concentrate on breaking into the music business.

“We wrote about five or six more songs with (Glass) that we’re working on right now,” Michael Cole said. “The first few songs will serve as a way to break us into the industry, and show them we can do some of the more difficult things. We want to show people we’re actually singers, and once we get that established, we can take it up to that next level and have some fun.”

“The next couple of songs, you’ll hear us,” Avery Cole interjected. “The first few songs were influenced by management to help us break through into the industry … I wrote a bunch of original songs, so when we feel comfortable, we hope to add quite a bit of that into the show.

“It’s going to be brilliant in the fact that it will be influenced by all of us, and not a writer writing for us.”

While no timetable has been set for the next release, “Without a Doubt” is already garnering some stellar reviews from artists like “Little” Anthony, Chubby Tavares and Freda Payne. As far as how the group feels, they couldn’t be more excited about the song, as well as the future.

“I feel like this song is going to be a big thing for us because it is so different than what we normally do,” Nadia Cole said. “I feel like as we get older, we’re discovering more who we are as artists,” she said. “Figuring out what we want to do, and where we want to go, and even what type of sound we want to go for. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new songs we’re working on. We’re bringing old school back.”

The Voices of Glory are currently starring in “Ayo” at the Hughes Brothers Theatre, with the Christmas show set to open next week. For more information, visit thevoicesofglory.com or call the box office at 417-334-0076.