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Voices of Glory Building A Dream Team

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Voices of Glory Building A Dream Team
The Voices of Glory, Avery, from left, Nadia and Michael Cole, have assembled a “dream team” of managers and producers to help them reach the next level of the music business.

The Voices of Glory, Avery, from left, Nadia and Michael Cole, have assembled a “dream team” of managers and producers to help them reach the next level of the music business.

By Joshua Clark | Branson Tri-Lakes News

The Voices of Glory, Michael, Nadia and Avery Cole, have been hard at work assembling a “dream team” of producers, managers and musicians in order to help them reach the next level of success in the music world.

“We’re not looking to be one-hit wonders,” said Avery Cole. “We’re looking to be iconic, and that’s a big step to try and take, which is one of the reasons it’s taking so long.”

The Cole family has been working toward their goal for nearly a decade, singing together for the first time in 2007 after their mother, Felicia, was in a head-on car collision with a drunken driver. The group began performing at nursing homes and on other floors in the hospital and shortly after their mother emerged from her coma, they were picked to perform on “America’s Got Talent.”

Their stint on the show gave the Cole family their first taste of national fame as they became Top 5 finalists. Once “America’s Got Talent” was in the books, the family began touring the country before settling down to perform in Branson.

They are currently in their fourth year of headlining their own show, “Ayo,” at the Hughes Brothers Theatre.

Last year, the group decided they were ready for the next evolutionary step and signed with former Boys II Men producer Qadree El-Amin, CEO and founder of South Paw Entertainment in Beverly Hills, who also spent time managing superstars such as Michael Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Janet Jackson and Teddy Riley & Blackstreet. After a busy wither working with El-Amin, the group recently signed to work with producer Luther “Mano” Hanes with Riverphlo Entertainment.

“We’re so blessed to work with both Mr. El-Amin and South Paw, as well as Mr. Hanes,” said Michael Cole. “Mr. El-Amin’s resume speaks for itself, and Mr. Hanes was the musical director for Cece Winans, Lalah Hathaway and Chaka Khan for a period of time, so he has his own impressive ‘rap sheet.’ In his company, he has musicians that have worked from everybody from Rihanna to Jay-Z, and Stevie Wonder to Janet Jackson.”

According to Michael Cole, the group is also speaking with several other producers, but wasn’t ready to share who just yet.

“We feel like we’re working with various producers that can not only catch our vision of clean music, but also share our faith and vision for what we’d like to see for our music,” he said. “I’m really excited to see how things will progress over the next few months.”

The Coles are optimistic the next few months will show off the hard work and long hours they’ve spent in the recording studio the last few months.

“When you work with a higher level producer, it becomes a completely different animal,” Michael Cole said. “We worked with Luther on a song he brought to us and spent 24 hours in the studio over two days.”

“We went from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m.,” Nadia Cole said with a laugh. “It was hard work, but also a lot of fun to go through that process. Once we come out with that single … it’s something new, and I don’t know that Branson is ready for it. It’s a little different than what they’re used to.”

Michael Cole said working with a producer the caliber of Hanes became much more than just “work,” it became a workshop, or clinic.

“We recorded everything except the verses to the song,” he said. “We’re waiting to record the lyrics because (Hanes) said he wanted us to live with them for a while, to experience them as part of our lives.”

Cole said he sees working with accomplished producers, putting time in the studio and the upcoming single, which they hope will be released within a few months, as the next step in the evolution of the group.

“Our plan is to take it to that next level and develop and mature as artists and individuals,” Michael Cole said. “We want to be completely real with our audience, but we don’t want to forget where we came from. We want to have a foot in each the pop and gospel doors, and one of the things our managers are focusing on is not labeling ourselves … we want to develop or own style and genre to where we can do anything from sing with Lalah Hathaway on the soul side, Donnie McClurkin on the gospel side to Tony Bennett on the jazz side.”

“We’re still the same Voices of Glory, singing pop, gospel and jazz. No matter where we go or what we do, our foundation will always be in gospel music.”

For tickets, additional information, and a full schedule, visit the group’s website at thevoicesofglory.com or call the box office at 417-334-0076.